Gender Equality in XC Update

Gender Equality in XC Update This is an update to the original post [Gender Equality in XC  Race Distances…] The original post came from my frustration in learning of the vote against gender equalization of the Mens and Womens Cross Country distances in the CIS Championship from an article that appeared in Canadian Running Magazine. More press and comments have come out since. Don’t forget to sign the petition for OFSAA to make XC distances equal for Girls and Boys… Sign […]

Gender Equality in XC Race Distances

Gender Equality in Cross Country CIS motion to equalize race distances rejected… Cross country running is the great equalizer of distance running where the best distance runner is crowned whether they are a 1500m or marathon specialist.  Recently the push to equalize race distances for men and women has grown and debate has continued. This recent Trackie forum post with over 30,000 views and 400 replies is a prime example. [READ Gender Equality in XC Redux […]