AO XC Championships Preview

AO XC Championships Preview - Race Course

Mike Gill used last Saturdays workout to familiarize himself with the AO XC course and has some great tips for performing well on the course. Get the AO XC Course Map and Follow.

Detailed Course Description

Having a chance to run the course (approximately) also proved invaluable with respects to learning its intricacies. You discover that while the course is bereft of any major hills that could have been used there are enough quick up-and-downs as well as sections that meander through tight quarters that it will sap the strength from even the most seasoned of runners' legs. This is especially true when you factor in that you'll hit the hard spots four times with only 2 km to recover until the next run through.

In Depth Course Analysis

Anticipating the same directional breezes I figure the best opportunity to make a move in the opening 1 km loop is between points B and F when travelling clockwise. During the 2 km loops the opening 400 m in the forested section starting from point G ending just prior to the hill as you approach point H, as well as the long gradual hill starting from point M heading back to the start line (ground here is firm) are the best chances to put in surges. If I recall correctly there are too many small climbs, as well as both tight quarters and turns between points H and M that forcing the issue here would be too taxing with limited opportunity for reward. What this means is points H through M is a roughly 1 km recovery stretch to settle into a controlled pace with the same holding true for about 200 m at around the start of the loop. In the final 1 km loop travelling counterclockwise I figure I give what I got left from about point B to the finish line.

2KM Loop Analysis Summary

2KM LOOP: Start to G - relaxed and controlled; G to just shy of H - pick up pace; H to M - relaxed and controlled; M to ~ Start - controlled surge

Weather Forcast Sunday Nov 15, 2015

Mainly Sunny, High of 12 (Feels Like 10), Winds of 25KMH W, 20% P.O.P.

AO XC Championships Preview - Competitors

The performance lists are up for the Athletics Ontario Cross Country Championships Sunday November 15, 2015. Lions Valley Athletics has 3 runners competing: Mike Gill, David Gallant and Kevin J Smith. Check out the most recent Performance Lists to see who they compete against.


Etobicoke Centennial Park


Lions Valley Athletics


Mike Gill @MikeG

Senior Men - 10KM - 11:00am

Mike has had an excellent year to date including some fast time s on both the track and road. His most recent results from the OMA Sunnybrook 8KM show he is good form to throw down a low 32min / high 31min 10KM at the AO Cross Country Championships!



IMG_5491 (2400x1600)

David Gallant

Youth Boys - 6KM - 2:00pm

David Gallant joined Lions Valley Athletics half way through the year and has shown constant improvement in workouts and dropped over 2min on his 5KM personal best time.  Narrowly missing a qualifying spot for OFSAA Cross Country , AOs is an opportunity to compete against some of the best in the province gaining invaluable race experience. 




Kevin J Smith @dusmithy

Masters - 5KM - 10:00am

After taking some time away from racing and competing Kevin is getting back into fitness slowly and has raced both the 5KM and 10KM distances this year. Not looking for a personal best, just happy to be racing  



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