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Lions Valley Athletics 2016 Memberships
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Compete in Duathlon & Triathlon for Lions Valley Athletics. Triathlon Ontario Membership is also included.

Membership Details

PARTNER (Competitive Athlete) MEMBERSHIP
Compete in races for Lions Valley Athletics. Coaching, Workouts not included.

Membership Details

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For New Members who join in June/July of the current year.


AO, OMA, MTA Memberships

Run Workouts

May Join 2017 Board of Directors

Vote with General Membership

Member Prices for Team Apparel

Palermo Physiotherapy

Additional Member Benefits

$20 Family Discount

Non-Competitive Member for Parents & Supporters

No Coaching

AO, OMA, MTA, TO Memberships Extra

No Workouts

May Join 2017 Board of Directors

Vote with General Membership

Member Prices for Team Apparel

Palermo Physiotherapy

Limited Additional Member Benefits

No Discounts


If there are two or more familiar members that join Lions Valley Athletics then receive a discounted price on every competitive membership! Immediate family only.  Before registering online, email the names of the members to Coach - Kevin J Smith or Membership Director - Darryl Rowan to get the Family Discount Codes.  These should be used during registration of each member. 


Submit all registration forms to info@lionsvalleyathletics.com and we accept payments through e-transfer to payments@lionsvalleyathletics.com, cheque made payable to Lions Valley Athletics, and cash. The online registration process accepts credit card as well but has a service charge

We will register you with the appropriate organizations (Athletics Ontario, Ontario Masters Athletics Minor Track Association, and or Triathlon Ontario) if included with membership once payment is received. Keep in mind if one of these a needed for a race then it must be submitted 7 days prior to the race.

2016 Memberships NOTES

*The Half Year membership is for new members only. If using the Family Discount with the Half Year membership the other member can be a new or returning member of Lions Valley Athletics. The Half Year Membership will only appear for online registrations in June.

**The Partner (Competitive Athlete) Membership is $50 + The Sport Membership(s) For example, if you want to participate in Triathlon or Duathlon then it would be $50 + $55 (Triathlon Ontario Club Membership) for a total of $105;  Or to run the Cross Country Championships as a Senior it would be $50 + $65 (Athletics Ontario Senior Sept-Oct Membership) for a total of $115.

***Triathlon Ontario Membership is mandatory for all Multisport Memberships

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  1. If you have any questions about the various types of memberships do not hesitate to contact us. We are trying to make Lions Valley Athletics as inclusive as possible and provide a positive environment for anyone who wants to achieve personal excellence!

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