75 Days Until the 2016 Rio Olympics

We have less than 100 days to go before the 2016 Rio Olympics!  Preparations continue for both Brazil and Rio, as they host the first Olympics for South America.  With 100 days to go our Canadian athletes are doing all their final preparations before the games including competing in some test events, training camps and more.

Brazil's final preparations for the Olympics are not meeting the standards of some with polluted water, collapsing pathways, and the Zika virus carried by mosquitoes it leaves some worried that Rio will not be ready when the athletes arrive. Despite some things not being ready on time, officials and athletes say that they are way ahead of where Athens was when they hosted the 2004 Olympics.  CBC  talks more about Rio's preparation for the Olympics in this article [CBC.CA RIO OLYMPICS: Is Brazil Ready to Host the Summer Games?]

The Torch Relay is under way as it travels Brazil visiting 329 cities with 12000 torchbearers .  After the torch was lit in Greece last week it traveled to the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland with members of the first Refugee Team to compete at the Olympics. [CBC.CA Rio Olympic torch relay kicks off 3-month journey.]

The excitement is starting to build for these Olympic Games so lets turn our attention towards our Canadian Athletes as they prepre to compete for olympic gold! New additions are being named to the Olympic Team almost daily as each ro. The unveiling of the Team Canada Collection was only a few weeks ago and our athletes will be wearing the Hudson's Bay produced Rio 2016 - Official Team Canada Collection.

Rio 2016 - Official Team Canada Collection

It's great to see Canadian athletes doing so well including Brandon McBride throwing down a world leading 800m race in Starkville, Mississippi and hoping to make his first Olympic Team [CBC.CA Canada's Brandon McBride races to world-leading 800m.] You can follow who will be going to the Olympic Games in Rio for Team Canada with the Rio 2016 Qualification Tracker. Both Athletics Canada and Triathlon Canada have not officially named their teams yet but there won't be many surprises once they do. What sports are you looking forward to and Who are you excited to see compete for Canada?

Our Athletes will be ready for Rio 2016 and the latest marketing campaign is designed to get you pumped for Rio and Team Canada showing the Ice in Our Veins.  It features Milos Raonic (Tennis), Jennifer Abel (Diving), Justyn Warner (Athletics), Aaron Brown (Athletics) and Ryan Cochrane (Swimming).  It is truly a Canadian ad and it does get me  excited for the Games.  What are your thoughts on this very Canadian marketing?

Ice In Our Veins