B & O Yorkville Run & Canadian 5KM Road Championship Results

O'Halloran Narrowly Misses Age Group Podium at Canadian 5KM Road Championship

Its not often that a 5KM event has the caliber and depth of talent that toed the start line in both the Elite and Masters categories at this Canadian 5KM Road Race Championship. Cynthia O'Halloran competed in the Masters category on this fast downtown Toronto course. 

The Men's and Women's Open Categories were some of the fastest we have seen in Canada. Charles Philibert-Thiboutot and Andrea Seccafien both placed first by mere seconds in the open categories making the event so exciting to watch. Lions Valley Athletics member Cynthia had her own exciting age group finish as she came 3 seconds away from a podium spot finishing 4th in her age group with a chip time of 22:14.7.  Compared to the marathons she has run, this 5KM was a definite change of pace! Running strong and keeping her focus throughout the entire race, Cynthia fought hard in the heat while competing against some of the best Canada has to offer! She is one of the most consistent runners in our club and this race is another excellent result for her.

Cynthia racing hard on a hot evening.

Cynthia O'Halloran fighting for 3rd in her Age Group at Canadian 5KM Road Championship

Cynthia stops her watch to get her finishing time.

Canadian 5KM Championships Top 5

Top 5 Male Finishers - Open

Place Overall Bib Name Age Gender Location Time
1 1 18 Charles Philibert-Thiboutot 25 M   14:03.4
2 2 17 Nathan Brannen 34 M   14:06.1
3 3 16 Lucas Bruchet 25 M   14:07.6
4 4 20 Evan Esselink 24 M   14:20.8
5 5 28 Justin Kent 24 M   14:25.9

Top 5 Female Finishers - Open

Place Overall Bib Name Age Gender Location Time
1 26 1 Andrea Seccafien 26 F   16:09.6
2 27 3 Sasha Gollish 34 F Toronto 16:10
3 29 7 Laura Batterink 31 F   16:12.3
4 33 8 Dayna Pidhoresky 29 F   16:28.8
5 34 9 Brogan MacDougall 15 F   16:30.2