Toronto Will Host the 2020 World Masters Athletics Championships


Toronto will host the World Masters Athletics Championship event for the 2nd time, 45 years after it held the very first one in 1975. Masters Athletics is meant to foster international friendship, understanding and co-operation through these athletics events and I would highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to participate, volunteer or spectate in 2020! 

Mike at 4KM on the Details

The event will take place over 11 days from July 21 - August 2 2020 with 8000 athletes ages 35 and older expected to participate.  Events in track, field, road racing, and cross country will highlight the 11 days along with opening and closing ceremonies, and an athletes party in the iconic John Street Roundhouse at the base of the CN Tower.  The CN Tower will also have a special lighting display at the opening ceremonies and athletes party!


The venues used for events and competition:

  • Varsity Centre is the primary venue including Varsity Stadium and Varsity Area as the Technical Information Centre (TIC)
  • York Lions Stadium and Toronto Track & Field Centre as a secondary hub with both outdoor and indoor facilities.
  • Toronto Islands will host the road races including the Half Marathon, 10K and 20K Racewalks 
  • Centennial Park in Etobicoke will host the 8K cross country events using the same course as the 2015 AO XC Championships, check out our Lions Valley Athletics detailed [COURSE PREVIEW...]
IMG_5152 (2400x1600)Schedule

Here is a tentative schedule for the 11 days of competition including venues: TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

 Updates, More Info

All Details and Information will be updated on our event page as it becomes available:


14640673746_c41a9ba68a_kLions Valley Athletics Members & Masters Athletes

There is plenty of time to prepare for this event and whether you are a fit competitive or recreational runner, or have not run since high school, Lions Valley Athletics can help get you there.  Opportunities like these don't come around very often and I encourage all of our Masters Athletes to seriously think about this as a LONG TERM GOAL and start preparing now to ensure success in 2020. [SETTING ATHLETIC GOALS...] 

Events like these are, exciting,  unique and can take your racing to the next level by competing at this international level. It also promotes inclusion in sport and the Sport for Life values we share at Lions Valley Athletics.

If this is an event that interests you, joining Lions Valley Athletics and The course is mainly flat with one with similar athletes will be a fun way to meet new people and prepare for this event. We will help ensure you achieve your goals. Have questions or not sure where to start?  CONTACT US and we can help!

Not planning on competing? Get started on your way to becoming an Athletics



Perth 2016 World Masters Athletics Championships

Masters Athletes from around the world traveled to Perth Australia this past October for the 2016 World Masters Athletics Championships. Track & Field, Cross Country, Road Racing and Race Walking events are all part of the WMA Championships and you can participate in one or multiple events throughout the event.  Check out the site and the Results as a preview of what you can expect in 2020.