As an athlete with Athletics Ontario or Triathlon Ontario you are responsible for knowing what you are putting in your body and to not use performance enhancing products or drugs.  Resources such as the banned substances list, a number to contact regarding any product to know if it contains any banned substances and more.  Should you be tested you can find a procedural video that will help you understand your role as an athlete in collecting the samples. 

Position Statement

Lions Valley Athletics is buond by the Drug Use and Anti-Doping Policies of Athletics Canada and Triathlon Canada that along with thier Provincial Branches have all adopted the current Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP), which is the set of rules that govern doping control in Canada.  Administered by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES), the CADP applies to athletes and members Lions Valley Athletics, members of Athletics Canada, Triathlon Canada and participants in Athletics Canada, Triathlon Canada sanctioned activities. All members of Athletics Canada, Triathlon Canada, whether in the role of athletes or athlete support personnel, are subject to the CADP.  Athletes, must acknowledge that they are an athlete and member of Lions Valley Athletics and are aware that the CADP applies to them and consent to its application to them.  For further information, please visit the Athlete Zone on the CCES website



Canadian Anti-Doping Program

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport 

World Anti-Doping Agency 


Banned Substances and Methods

Prohibited Substances List - Be Informed and know what you can and can't take!

Check Your Medications - Check any new prescribed medications and ensure they are not on the prohibited list using the tools provided by CCES. 

Therapeutic Use Exemptions - Some doctor prescribed treatments or substances are allowed with the proper documentation completed before use. 


Certification of Products

Informed-Sport.Com  and Informed-Choice.Org - Both sites have a searchable list of Registered Manufacturers, Brands & Products safe for use in Sport free of banned substances.

Pee is Gold

Testing Prpcesures