O’Halloran 3rd at Egg Nog Jog 10.8KM

Photo courtesy of Sue Sue Sitki Photography.

It was a damp morning on the 13th of December for the 33rd Egg Nog Jog at Terra Cotta Conservation Area presented by the Georgetown Runners.  This event has become a holiday classic in Southern Ontario because it's well organized, fun, and scenic.  The course is challenging for runners of all abilities with the 10th line hill that can make or break your race.

Cynthia O'Halloran has had a spectacular year and wasn't ready for a break yet so she decided to finish off 2015 with the familiar Egg Nog Jog.  She knew how to pace herself for this race because she has competed on the course in previous years.  It is an odd distance of 10.8KM and as she approached the 10KM mark looking strong, and determined.  

She spent most of the race without any other women around her making it hard to determine position but she ran her own race and paced herself well.  Crossing the finish line and was pleasantly surprised to learn she made the podium as 3rd Woman, and won her Age-Group as well.  During the race her focus was on moving forward, and what she can do to have a good race, as opposed to getting distracted by what she can't change such as other runners, the course or the weather.  Staying focused on only what you can control in your race will help prevent you from getting defeated mentally when you're racing hard.  She had a fantastic race finishing the 10.8KM in a time of 49:18 which was close to her PB on that course. Cynthia was all smiles while on the podium receiving her award and happy with her race.

You can read more about Cynthia's race in her race report on her blog Cynsspace. [Race Report: Eggnog Jog 10.8K....READ  MORE]

The Boxing Day 10 Miler is this Saturday Dec 26th in Hamilton.  Go and cheer on the runners with MORE COW BELL! 

Pre-race, start and race photos courtesy of Sue Sue Sitki Photography